Thomas/Murray Lineage
Famous Ancestors
(Direct & Indirect Relations are noted)

NEW!! - Mayflower Descendants
Stephen Hopkins - 11th Great Grandfather
Giles Hopkins - 11th (10th?) Great Grandfather
Constance (Hopkins) Snow - 10th Great Grandmother

Magna Carta Surety Barons & Royal Profiles

Presidents of the United States

Miscellaneous Notables

Capt. Isaac Davis (1745-1775), first officer killed at Concord North Bridge,
Battle of Lexington & Concord, Revolutionary War (1st cousin, 6x removed).

Salem Witch Trials,
Salem (now Danvers)
Massachusetts -1692

Salem Witch Trials
Salem Witch Trial
Picture is in the Public Domain
Eli Whitney, Eli Whitney, Jr. ,
Inventors, Entrepreneurs
Aaron Burr ,
Revolutionary War Patriot,
3rd Vice-President under Thomas Jefferson
Religious Figures - Popes & Saints
Minor Figures

St. Begga of Landen
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English Royalty
West Saxons
West Saxons (Restored)
Plantagenet - Angevins
Plantagenet - Lancastrians
Plantagenet - Yorkists
Tudors (thru Elizabeth I)

Charlemagne (Charles "The Magnificent)
King of England

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French Royalty
Ancient Houses
Frankish House
Merovingian House
Carolingian House
Late Frankish House
Kings of France - House of Capet
Kings of France - House of Valois

Autograph of Charlemagne
German Royalty &
Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire
Carolingian House
Conradine House (Franconian)
Liudolfing House (Saxon)
Luitpolding House (Bavarian)
Salian House (Frankish)
Hohenstaufen House
Guelph House
Plantagenet House

Shields of the Holy Roman Empire
Norwegian Royalty
Legendary Leaders - Yngling Dynasty
Kingdom of Norway - Fairhair Dynasty
Rulers During Civil War
Union of Sweden and Norway
Union of Denmark and Norway


Knights Templar
Certain - Alfonso I, First King of Portugal
(1139-1185 - crossed 1129)
Gilbert De Lacy
(Crossed ca 1150)
Sir Theobald I De Granville Baron Granville Kilkhampton, Lord Bideford
(Crossed ???)

Nearly Certain - William De Ferrers (Ferrieres), England
(ca 1140-ca 1190 - crossed 1166)

Possible (still researching) -
Payen De Montdidier (crossed 1130)
Guillaume De l'Aigle (crossed 1222)
Pons d'Albon (crossed 1229, 1236-1240)

One was "crossed" when they accepted the invitation of
the seated Pope to join the Crusade. In return, they received a cross as a symbol of their loyalty to the cause.

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