Thomas/Murray Lineage
Notable Ancestors

Religious Figures - Popes & Saints

Cyllin, King of Siluria
(Direct Relation - 60th Great
? - ca 100
  • Canonized as St. Cyllin
(Indirect Relation - wife of
Conan Meriadoc, King of Brittany, 53rd Great Grandfather)
? - ca 383
  • Canonized as St. Ursula
  • Memorial - October 21 - removed from Calendar of Saiints in 1969 by Pope Paul VI
  • Wife of Conan Meriadoc of Armorica (Brittany)
  • Story of Ursula and 11,000 virgins massacred at Cologne is now considered to be fiction, but cult of St. Ursula was furthered by the Order of Ursulines after 1535
  • Virgin Islands named for Ursula by Christopher Columbus; Cape Virgenes was at entry to Straits of Magellan
  • Patron Saint of students, orphans, archers, Cologne, Delphi, and England
Clotilde of Burgundy
(Indirect Relation - wife of Clovis I, "The Great" King of the Franks,
46th Great Grandfather)
475 - 545
  • Canonized as St. Clotilde
  • AKA - Clotilda
  • Memorial - June 3
  • Led husband, King Clovis I of the Franks, to Christianity
  • After death of Clovis and infighting by sons over the kingdom, retired to take care of poor and sick
  • Patron saint of adopted children, brides, exiles, parenthood, widows, and queens
Cloud of the Franks
(Indirect Relation - Grandson of
Clovis I of the Franks)
522 - 560
  • Canonized as St. Cloud
  • AKA - Clodoaldus, Claud
  • Memorial - September 7
  • Son of King Clodomir of the Franks, grandson of St. Clotilde
  • Escaped assasination, lived as a hermit
  • Built a monastery near Paris, now Saint Cloud
  • Patron Saint of nail makers & St. Cloud, Minnesota
Arnoul, Bishop of Metz
(Direct Relation - 41st Great
582 - 640
  • Canonized as St. Arnoul (Arnold)
  • AKA - Arnulf of Metz
  • Memorial - July 18
  • Advisor to Austrasian Kings Theodebert II, Clotaire, & Dagobert.
  • Father-in-law of St. Begga, who with son Ansegisel created the Carolingian line of French Kings
  • Patron Saint of Brewing
Sigebert III of Austrasia
(Indirect Relation - Brother of Clovis II, King of the Franks, GGGrandson of Clothar I, King of the Franks)
631 - 656
  • Canonized as St. Sigebert
  • Memorial - February 1
  • Eldest son of Dagobert I, King of the Franks, brother of King Clovis II, father of St. Dagobert II
  • Educated by Pepin of Landen, father of St. Begga and St. Gertrude
  • Known for his pious life and works of charity, while building hospitals, abbeys, churches, monasteries, and homes for the poor
  • Patron Saint of Nancy, France
Dagobert II of Austrasia
(Indirect Relation - Son of Sigebert III, King of the Franks)
? - 679
  • Canonized as St. Dagobert
  • Memorial - December 23
  • Son of St. Sigebert III, kidnapped as young man and exiled to England and Ireland, educated at the King's Court.
  • Father of St. Irmina of Oehren and Saint Adela of Pfalzel.
  • Assasinated in a "hunting accident" after his recall to Austrasia
  • Patron Saint of kidnap victims, orphans, and kings

Irmina of Oehren
(Indirect Relation - Daughter of
Sigebert III, Sister of Adela)
? - ca 716

  • Canonized as St. Irmina
  • Memorial - December 24
  • Daughter of St. Dagobert II, grand-daughter of St. Sigebert III of Austrasia, sister of St. Adela
  • Fiance died on wedding day, so became a nun & founded a Benedictine convent at Honrien at Trier
  • Was generous to Saxon & Celtic monks, became abbess of Willibrord Abbey
Adela of Pfalzel
(Indirect Relation - Daughter of
Sigebert III, Sister of Irmina)
? - 735
  • Canonized as St. Adela
  • Memorial - December 24
  • Daughter of St. Dagobert II, grand-daughter of St. Sigebert III of Austrasia, sister of St. Irmina
  • Became a nun following widowhood
  • Founded Convent of Palatiolum of Pfalsel near Trier, served as first Abbess
Archbishop of Triers

(Indirect Relation - Son of
Arnoldus of Saxony, 42nd
Great Grandfather)
ca 585 - 656
  • Canonized as St. Modoaldus
  • AKA - Romoaldus
  • Memorial - May 12
  • Uncle of St. Gertrude of Nevilles
  • Counselor to King Dragobert I of the Franks; Dagobert moved to personal conversion after Modoaldus spoke out against immorality of Frankish Court
Bavo of Landen
(Indirect Relation - Son of
Pepin I of Landen, Mayor of
Palace of Austrasia, 41st Great
589 - 654

  • Canonized as St. Bavo of Ghent
  • AKA - Bavon, Allowin
  • Memorial - October 1
  • Patron Saint in Netherlands & Belgium
  • Spent a wild youth, but converted after hearing sermon by St. Amand.
  • Built an abbey on his estate & became a monk, donating his property to the poor
  • Lived as a hermit & recluse until death
Begga (Beggue) of Landen
(Direct Relation - 40th Great Grandmother, Daughter of Bavo)
613 - 698?
  • Canonized as St. Begga
  • Memorial - December 17
  • Daughter of Pepin I, Mayor of Landen, and St. Ida of Nivelles; sister of St. Gertrude of Nivelles
  • Founded seven churches & a convent at Ardenne, France
Gertrude of Nivelles
(Indirect Relation - Daughter of
Pepin I of Landen)
626 - 659
  • Canonized as St. Gertrude
  • Memorial - March 17
  • Younger daughter of Pepin I of Landen & St. Ida of Nevilles, sister of St. Begga
  • Abbess of monastery built by St. Ida at age 20, known for hospitality to pilgrims
  • Donated land to St. Foillan to build Monastery of Fosses
  • Mystic/Visionary, studied scripture and did penance until death at 33
  • Patron Saint of gardeners, travelers, the recently-deceased, & the mentally-ill
Adalard of Corbie
(Indirect Relation - Grandson of
Charles "Martel", Mayor of Palace
of Austrasia, 38th Great Grandfather)
ca 751 - 2 Jan 827
  • Canonized as St. Adalard
  • Memorial - None
  • Grandson of Charles Martel, son of Bernard, half-brother of Pepin, cousin of Charlemagne
  • Educated in Palatine School in Charlemagne's Court
  • Entered Monastery at Corbie in Picardy at age 20, went to Monte Cassino for seclusion, returned to Corbie at Charlemagne's order and was elected Abbott
  • Founded Corvey Abbey, "New Corbie" in Westphalia with brother, Wala, in 822
  • Patron Saint of many churches and towns in France and along lower Rhine River
Alburga of Wilton
(Indirect Relation - Daughter of
Aethelmund, King of Kent, 37th
Great Grandfather)
? - 810
  • Canonized as St. Alburga
  • Memorial - December 25
  • Princess, half-sister of King Egbert of Wessex and wife of Wulstan, Earl of Wulstan, founder of Wilton Abbey, Salisbury, in 773
  • Converted Wilton Abbey into a convent
(Indirect Relation - Daughter of
Louis "The German" King of Germany, 36th Great Grandfather) ca 830 - 16 Jul 866
  • Canonized as St. Irmengard, St. Irmgard, St. Ermengard of Chiemsee
  • Memorial - July 16
  • Princess, daughter of King Louis "The German" and granddaughter of Charlemagne
  • Abbess of Buchau and Chiemsee
  • Beatified in 1928
St. Salomon, King of Brittany
(Direct Relation - 32nd Great
? - 874
  • Canonized as St. Salomon
  • Memorial - June 25
  • 858-862 - behind-the-scenes and out-front leader of revolt against Charles the Bald
  • Killed by a conspiracy that led to civil war until 876

Ludmilla Ze Psova
(Indirect Relation - Connection unclear, still researching)
853 - 921

  • Canonized as St. Ludmilla
  • Memorial - September 16
  • Built first Christian church in Bohemia
  • Grandmother/tutor of St. Wenceslas, whose mother had her murdered by strangling
  • Patron Saint of converts in Bohemia; duchesses & in-laws in Czechoslovakia
(Indirect Relation - Wife of Igor, Grand Duke of Kiev, 38th Great
889 - 969
  • Canonized as St. Olga
  • AKA - Helena, Helga, Olha
  • Memorial - July 11
  • First Christian queen of the Ukraine, married to Igor I, Duke of Kiev; ruled following his assassination
  • Grandmother of St. Vladimir, great- grandmother of St. Boris & St. Gleb
  • Patron Saint of converts & widows
Matilda of Saxony
(Indirect Relation - Wife of Heinrich I "The Fowler", King of Germany,
32nd Great Grandfather)
ca 895 - 14 Mar 968
  • Canonized as St. Matilda of Saxony
  • Memorial - March 14
  • Daughter of Count Dietrich of Westphalia and Reinhild of Denmark
  • Wife of King Henry I "The Fowler" of Germany
  • Mother of Otto, Holy Roman Emperor; Henry "The Quarrelsome" Duke of Bavaria; Saint Bruno, Archbishop of Cologne; Gerberga, wife of King Louis IV of France; Hedwig, mother of Hugh Capet, King of France
  • Founder of several Benedictine Abbeys
  • Known for her generosity, taught the ignorant, comforted the sick, and visited prisoners in jail
  • Patron saint of dead children, falsely-accused people, large families, queens, widows
St. Elgiva of England
(Direct Relation - 1st cousin in-law, 38x removed)
ca 922 - 944
  • Canonized as St. Vladimir
  • Queen of England; mother of King Edwy of the Saxons and Edgar, King of England; wife of King Edmund I of England
  • Memorial - May 18
  • Gave up public life to become a Benedictine Nun at Shaftesbury
  • Patron Saint of
(Indirect Relation - Son of Heinrich I, King of Germany)
925 - 965
  • Canonized as St. Bruno
  • Memorial - October 11
  • Son of Henry I, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, and St. Matilda
  • Archbishop of Cologne
  • Founded Monastery of St. Pantaleon at Cologne
Ida (Itta, Iduberga) of Nivelles
(Direct Relation - 41st Great
ca 943 - 975
  • Canonized as St. Ida
  • AKA - Itta, Iduberga
  • Memorial - May 8
  • Mother of St. Begga, St. Gertrude
  • Built a Benedictine Monastery in Nivelles, France
  • Patron Saint of those with toothaches
Vladimir I "The Great"
Duke of Kiev

(Direct Relation - 36th Great
955 - 1015
  • Canonized as St. Vladimir
  • AKA - Vladimir Svyatoslavich, Vladimir Veliky, Svyatoy Vladimir, Vladimir the Great
  • Memorial - July 15
  • Grandson of St. Olga
  • Consolidated empire of Kiev from the Ukraine to the Baltic Sea, fortified borders against nomads
  • Pagan, became Christian upon military pact with Byzantine Emperor Basil II & marriage to Anne, Basil's sister
  • Expanded education, aid to the poor, & judicial institutions
  • Patron Saint of converts, murderers, & parents of large families
(Indirect Relation - Son of St. Vladimir)
? - 1010
  • Canonized as St. Boris
  • Memorial - July 24
  • Son of St. Vladimir, grandson of St. Olga, brother of St. Gleb
  • Killed by followers of half-brother Svyatopolk, buried with Gleb in Church of St. Basil, Vyshgorod
  • Patron Saint of princes, Moscow & Russia
(Indirect Relation - Son of St. Vladimir)
? - 1010
  • Canonized as St. Gleb
  • Memorial - July 24
  • Son of St. Vladimir, grandson of St. Olga, brother of St. Boris
  • Killed by followers of half-brother Svyatopolk (stabbed in the throat), buried with Boris in Church of St. Basil, Vyshgorod
  • Patron Saint of princes
Henry II
(Indirect Relation - Grandson of
Heinrich I, King of Germany)
6 May 972 - 13 Jul 1024
  • Canonized as St. Henry
  • AKA - Heinrich, Good King Henry
  • Memorial - July 13
  • Son of Henry II "The Quarrelsome" and Gisella of Burgundy
  • Abandoned thoughts of priesthood upon death of father and becoming Duke of Bavaria
  • Founded schools, stopped rebellions, protected the frontiers, worked to stabilize Europe, and reformed the church while maintaining its independence
  • Patron saint of Bamberg, Germany; Basel, Switzerland; childless, disabled and handicapped, kings, and sterility
(Direct Relation - 6th Cousin,
29x removed)
? - 1040
  • Canonized as St. Cunegundes
  • AKA - Cunnegunda, Kinga, Kunegunda
  • Memorial - March 3
  • Daughter of Sigfrid, Count of Luxembourge, wife of Henry II, King of Germany and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
  • Founded Benedictine Monastery at Kaffungen in 1025, lived there following Henry II's death
  • Patron saint of Bamberg, Germany; Lithuania; Luxembourg: and Poland
Canute IV
(Direct Relation - 3rd Cousin,
29x removed)
? - 1086
  • Canonized as St. Canute
  • AKA - Canute, Cnut, Knud, Knud IV, Knute
  • Memorial - January 19
  • Illegitimate son of King Sweyn Estrithson of Denmark, nephew of King Knud of England
  • Supported missionaries and built churches throughout the kingdom
  • Murdered with brother and 17 others in 1078 while kneeling at an altar after confession
  • Patron Saint of Denmark
Olaf II of Norway
(Direct Relation - 4th Cousin,
31x removed)
995 - 1030
  • Canonized 1164 as Saint Olaf
  • Memorialized July 29; also August 3 (translation) and October 16 (conversion)
  • Patron Saint of carvers, difficult marriages, kings, Norway
  • Shrine is Trondheim
Saint Edward "The Confessor"
(Direct Relation - 4th cousin.
35x removed )
1003 - 5 Jan 1066
  • Canonized as St. Edward by Pope Alexander III
  • Memorial - October 13
  • Son of King Ethelred II and Queen Emma of England; half-brother of King Edmund "Ironside" and King Harthacanute of England
  • Sent to be executed in Denmark, but saved and raised and educated by King of Hungary
  • Ascended throne by acclamation in 1042; became King Edward III
  • During reign repulsed invasion, restored King of Scotland to throne, remitted unjust taxes, built churches (including Westminster Abbey)
  • Said to have power to heal by touch, was chaste until death
  • Patron Saint of English royal family, kings, difficult marriages, and separated spouses
Saint Margaret of Scotland
(Direct Relation - 11th cousin.
24x removed )
1042-45 - 16 Nov 1093
  • Canonized in 1251 as St. Margaret by Pope Innocent IV
  • Memorial - November 16
  • Granddaughter of King Edmund "Ironside"; great-niece of Saint Stephen of Hungary
  • Assisted by King Malcolm III of Scotland while fleeing army of William the Conqueror; later married Malcolm
  • Mother of St. Maud, wife of King Henry I
  • Patron of learning, parents of large families, widows, queens, Scotland, against the death of children
St. David I of Scotland
(Direct Relation - 12th Cousin,
23x removed)
ca 1080 - 24 May 1153
  • Youngest son of St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland; close friend of St. Aelred, Abbot of Rievaulx
  • Endowed more than a dozen dioceses and monasteries
Canute Lavard
(Direct Relation - 4th Cousin,
28x removed)
ca 1096 - 1131
  • Canonized as St. Canute Lavard
  • AKA - Knud, Knut Lavard
  • Memorial - January 7
  • Second son of King Eric "the Good" of Denmark, nephew of St. Canute IV of Denmark
  • Murdered by cousins on orders of uncle, King Niels of Denmark
  • Patron Saint of Zeeland, Denmark

Adela of Blois
(Direct Relation - 10th Cousin,
25x removed)
? - 1137

  • Canonized as St. Adela
  • Memorial - February 24
  • Youngest daughter of William I "The Conquerer", King of England
  • Active in politics, but also endowed many churches & monasteries
Ferdinand III of Castille
(Direct Relation - 3rd Cousin,
22x removed)
1198 - 1252
  • Canonized as St. Ferdinand III
  • Memorial - May 30
  • Son of Alfonso IX, King of Leon
  • King of Castille in 1217 at age of 18, King of Leon in 1230, also King of Palencia, Valladolid, and Burgos
  • Founded Univ. of Salamanca, re-built Cathedral of Burgos, converted Mosque of Seville to a cathedral
  • Patron Saint of engineers, rulers, governors, paupers, prisoners

Other Religious Figures (Yet to be researched in detail)

Source: Brian Tompsett, "Royal and Noble Genealogy", Version 4, September 1996, Copyright 1994-2004

Pope Calixtus II (Guy of Burgundy)
( - 1124)
Second Cousin, 28x removed

St. Louis IX, King of France

(1214 - 1270)
Third Cousin, 22x removed
St. Stephen I "The Great", King of Hungary
(969 - 1038)
Tenth Cousin, 27x removed, in-law
St. Edward "The Martyr", King of England
(963 - 978)
Third Cousin, 36x removed
St. Matilda, Countess of Ringelheim
(892 - 968)
32nd Great Grandmother
St. Bruno "The Great", Archbishop of Cologne
(c925 - 965)
Six Cousin, 31x removed
St. Lawrence O'Toole, Archbishop of Dublin
( - )
25th Great Grand-Uncle
St. Alexander Nevsky I, Prince of Vladimir
(c1220 - 1263)
Twelfth Cousin, 27x removed, in-law
St. Mikhail, Prince of Vladimir
(1271 - 1319)
Fifteenth Cousin, 24x removed, in-law
St. Aethelbert I, King of Kent
( - 616)
44th Great Grandfather
St. Cenelm of Mercia
( - 821)
First Cousin, 38x removed
St. Aethelthryth, Abbess of Ely, Queen of Northumbria
( - 679)
38th Great Grand Aunt
St. Evrard, Eberhard Margrave & Count of Friuli

(812 - 866)
32nd Great Grandfather
St. Wistan of Mercia
( - )
35th Great Grandfather
St. Edburga, Princess of England
(c918 - 960)
First Cousin, 38x removed
St. Edith of England
( - 9370)
First Cousin, 38x removed
St. Edith (Eadgyth) of England, Abbess of Barking
(c962 - 984)
Third Cousin, 36x removed
St. Adelaide, Empress of Italy
(c931 - 999)
Sixth Cousin, 31x removed, in-law
St. Elizabeth (Isabel) of Aragon
(1271 - 1336)
Sixth Cousin, 19x removed, in-law

St. Casimir "The Peacemaker" of Poland
(1458 - 1484)
Twentieth Cousin, 19x removed
St. Emeric, King of Hungary
(1174 - 1204)
Sixth Cousin, 24x removed
St. Emeric of Hungary
( - 1031)
Eleventh Cousin, 26x removed
St. Wulfryth of Wilton
(c945 - 1000)
Second Cousin, 37x removed, in-law
St. Thomas de Cantilupe
(c1218 - 25 Aug 1282)
22nd Great Grand Uncle
Related by marriage only - not direct relations
Pope Felix V (Amadeus VIII of Savoy)
( - 1451)
St. Oswald, King of Northumbria
( - 642)
St. Magnus Erlendson of Orkney, Earl of Norway
( - 1117)
St. Ladislas I, King of Hungary
( - 1095)
St. Eanswythe of Kent, Abbess of Folkeston
( - )
St. Auberge (Ethelburga), Abbess of Anglia
( - 665)
St. Audrey (Etheldreda), Abbess of East Anglia
( - 679)
St. Osyth (Oswine) of Mercia
( - )
St. Werberga of Mercia, Abbess of Ely
( - c700)
St. Hilda, Abbess of Whitby
( - 680)
St. Wenceslas of Bohemia
(907 - 929)
St. Margaret of Hungary
(1242 - 1270)
St. Waldef (Waltheof), Abbot of Melrose
(c1100 - 1159)
St. Osmund, Bishop of Salisbury
( - 1099)
St. Hereswitha of Northumbria   Wife of 39th Great Grand Uncle, Ethelric of East Anglia
St. Eanfled of Deira, Queen of Northumbria
(626 - c704)
Wife of 3rd Cousin, 33x removed, Oswy OR Oswiu, King of Northumbria