Thomas/Murray Lineage
Notable Ancestors

Minor Religious Figures
(Yet to be researched in detail)
Updated May 7, 2012

Jaime of Coimbra Cardinal of Lisbon
Louis de Bar Cardinal of Verdun (also Bishop)
George Abbott Archbishop of Canterbury
Thomas of Arundel Archbishop of Canterbury
Thomas Bouchier Archbishop of Canterbury
Arnold of Bavaria Archbishop of Ravenna
Geoffrey Archbishop of Brittany
Philip of Castile-Leon Archbishop of Seville
Robert Count de Evreux Archbishop of Rouen
Mauger Archbishop of Rouen
Charles Archbishop of Mainz
Henry 'The Cardinal' King of Portugal Archbishop of Braga and Evora
Henry Archbishop of Reims
Sancho Archbishop of Toledo and Seville
Egbert Archbishop of York
Redempta Galindez Bishop of Aragon
Henry Bishop of Autun
Robert Bishop of Autun
Sigimberus I Bishop of Auvergne
Bruno of Bavaria Bishop of Augsburg
Alfonso of Portugal Bishop of Evora
Reginald Bishop of Chartres
Gebhard III Bishop of Constance
Otto III Bishop of Constance
Reginald Bishop of Bar
Louis de Bar Bishop of Verdun (also Cardinal)
Odo Earl of Bayeaux Bishop of Bayeaux
Henry de Dreux Bishop of Orleans
Henry de Dreux Bishop of Reims
Philip de Dreux Bishop of Beauvrais
Thomas de Percy Bishop of Norwich
Bruno de Roucy Bishop of Langres
Morgan Bishop of Durham
Roe Bishop of the Faroes
Philip of France Bishop of Paris
Otto Bishop of Hildesheim
Robert Bishop of Langres
John Bishop of Metz and Liege
Amelung Bishop of Verden
Rudolf Bishop of Wurzburg
Renaud of Burgundy Abbot of St. Pierre
Adalbert Abbot of Corney
Waltheof Abbot of Crowland
Fortes of Leon Abbot of Lugo
Eadburga of East Anglia Abbess of Repton
Ethelburga of East Anglia Abbess of Hackness
Hwaethburga of East Anglia Abbess of Hackness
Theodrada Abbess of Argenteuil
UNK Daughter of Girard of Paris Abbess of St. Pierre
Alice de Dreux Abbess of Fontevrault
Johanna de Dreux Abbess of Fontevrault
Adelaide of the Holy Roman Empire Abbess of Quedlinburg
Sophia of the Holy Roman Empire Abbess of Gandesheim
Maud FitzRoy Abbess of Barking
Mary Abbess of Flines
Matilda Abbess of Fontrevault
Gertrude Abbess of Hamaland
Imma Abbess of Hereford
Gerberga Abbess of Hildesheim
Elfleda of Northumbria Abbess of Whitby
Adela Abbess of St. Georges Rennes
Priest, Minister, Deacon, Canon, Prioress
Hugh Canon in Chartres
Richard Longspee Canon in Salisbury
Mary of France Prioress of Poissy
Otto of France Cleric at Rheims
Daniel Washington Adams Deacon
Moses Haven Deacon
Nathaniel Morse Deacon
Abel Perry, Jr. Deacon
Edmund Rice Deacon
Edward Rice Deacon
Joshua Whitney Deacon
George Duncomb Reverend
William Phipps Reverend
Solomon Stoddard Pastor
Nathaniel York Minister
Sexburga of East Anglia Nun in Gaul
Whitburga of East Anglia
Brigitta of Bavaria
Aremburge of Burgundy
Helie of Burgundy
Berenguela of Castile-Leon
Mamile de Dreux Nun at Fontrevault
Margaret de Dreux Nun at Fontrevault
Mary de Dreux
Sigrade de Soissons
Enoguen Nun at St. Sulpice of Rennes