Ancient Tribes &
Earliest Ancestors

NOTE: The primary source for the links below is Wikipedia, unless otherwise noted. All descriptions have been
edited for readability and to rid the articles of much of their academic tone. Facts, names and dates have been retained
to assist in understanding how the tribes and their interactions with others of their time period affected history.

(Andrew 'The Great' King of the Anglo-Saxons, 847 - 899 AD, 31GGrandfather
Father: Burgred King of Mercia; Mother: Aethelswith of Wessex Queen of England )

(Sigebert I King of Metz & Austrasia, 535 - c579 AD, 41GGrandfather
Father: Clotaire I 'The Old" 2nd King of the Franks; Mother: Ingonde of Thuringia )

Albert II Duke of Austria, 1298 - 1358 AD, 1st Cousin 19x Removed
Father: Albert I of Habsburg King of Germany, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire; Mother: Elizabeth of Tyrol)

(Valentinia I of Byzantium, c325 AD - ?, 50GGrandfather)

Bavarians (Bavarii)
(Otto I Count of Wittelsbach Duke of Bavaria, " - 1183 AD, 7GGrandfather of 12GGrand Aunt)

(Czechus of Bavaria, 610 AD - ?)

Britons (Brythons, British
(Cymbeline King of the Britons, c 30 AD - ?, 54GGrandfather)

Burgundians (Burgundiones)
(Gibica of Burgundy, c310 - 413 AD, 49GGrandfather)

Cimmerians (Kimmerians)
(Priam III King of the Cimmerians; Father: Alexandre King of Troy)

(Bauton of the Franks, 350 - 385 Ad, 48GGrandfather)

(Cleopatra III Thea Euergetes of Egypt, 165 BC - ?, 68GGrandmother
Father: Demetrius II Nicator King of Syria)

(Henry I 'The Fowler' King of Germany, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, 876 - 936 AD, 29GGrandfather
Father: Otto I 'The Illustrious' Duke of Saxony; Mother: Hathui Duchess of Saxony)

(Achwif King of the Goths, 258 AD - ?, 57GGrandfather)

Jutes (Luti, Lutæ)
(Wecta 'The Jute', 47GGrandfather)

Lombards (Longobards)
(Wacho King of the Lombards)

Obotrites (Obodrites, Abotrites, Abodrites)
(Mieceslas Prince of the Obotrites, c960 AD - ?, 28GGrandfather; Daughter: Astrid Queen of Sweden)

(Winithar Chieftain of the Ostrogoths, 345 - 420 AD, 48GGrandfather
Father: Walaravens Prince of the Goths)

(Urgust King of the Picts, 709 AD - ?; Father: Fergus King of the Picts)

(Comes Theodosius of Rome, c 300 AD - ?, 51GGrandfather)


(Marcomir I King of Sicambri, ? - c 412 BC, 82GGrandfather
Father: Antenor I King of the Cimmerians)

(Seleucus IV Philopator King of Syria, c 175 BC - ?, 68GGrandfather
Father: Antiochus III Emperor of the Seleucid Empire)

Thuringians (Thuringii, Toringi)
(Weldelphus King of the Thuringians, c 370 AD - ?, 45GGrandfather
Father: Witta II 'The Jute')

(Itomann 'The Trojan', c 250 BC - ?, 62GGrandfather)


Varangians (Varyags)
(Askold of Varangia, c 810 AD - ?, 31GGrandfather
Father: Rurik I Grand Duke of Novgorod and Kiev)

(Njord King of the Swedes, 214 - 254 AD, 55GGrandfather; Father: Yngui King in Turkey)

(Alaric II King of the Visigoths, 470 - 507 AD, 44GGrandfather
Father: Theodoric of the Ostrogoths)