From whence they came....
....the source of titled royal ancestors in the Thomas - Murray lineage


King and Queen - Emperor and Empress

British Isles The Britains, Essex, Kent, Mercia, Northumbria, Sussex, Wessex, England; Leinster, Ireland; The Picts, Scotland - Main
Major families - Capet, Plantagenet
Scandinavia The Swedes, Sweden, Trondheim, Norway, Vestvold, The Danes, Denmark, The Vikings, Jutland (Jarl), Ranrike
France Angouleme, Burgundy, Orleans, Metz, Paris, Provence, France
Spain Aragon, Castile, Galicia, Leon, Navarre
Germany The Lombards, Frisia, Germany (King/Queen, Emperor/Empress)
Italy Holy Roman Empire (Emperor/Empress), Brabant
Portugal Algaives, Portugal
Middle East Jerusalem
Prince and Princess

British Isles Cumberland, Wessex, England, Scotland, Wales
Scandinavia Denmark, Sweden
France Aquitaine, Burgundy, Hesbaye, Lorraine, Normandy, France
Spain Aragon, Castile, Leon, Navarre
Portugal Algaives
Germany Bavaria, East Franks, West Franks, The Obotrites, The Rugij, The Saxons, West Saxony, Swabia, The Thuringians, The Germans
Italy Holy Roman Empire, Salerno, Savoy, Tuscany, Italy
Eastern Europe Bohemia, Poland, Kiev, Polotsk, Volynsk
Count and Countess

British Isles Gloucester, Hainault, Mercia, Norfolk, Salisbury, Sandys of the Vine, Surrey
Scandinavia More
France Albi (Alby), Albon, Upper and Lower Alsace, Angouleme, Anjou, Arcis-Sur-Aube, Ardennes, Arques, Artois, Aubnay, Auvergne, Auxerre, Bar, Beulac, Boulogne, Blois, Brienne, Brionne, Burgundy, Carcassone, Champagne, Chartres, Clare, Clermont, Dagsburg, Dammartin (Dampmartin), D'Eu, Egisheim, Evreux, Fezensac, Gastinois, Gatinais, Harlebec, LaMarche, Laon, Macon, Mame, Marvois, Meaux, Metz, Moha, Montbelliard, Montdidier, Montfort, Mortain, Mousson, Normandy, Orleans, Oscheret, Paris, Perche, Plantagenet, Poitou (Poitiers), Ponthieu, Provence, Rethel, Rheims, Rovergue, Savoy, Semur, Senlis, Soissons, Talvas (Talvace), Toulouse, Turrenne, Vaudemont, Vendome, Vermandois, Vexin, Viennois
Belgium Avalgau, Flanders, Namur
Switzerland Switzerland
Spain Barcelona, Urgel (Urgell)
Germany Brunswick-Luneburg, Gleiberg, Kinziggau, Luxembourg, Nordgau, Rheingau, Ringelheim, Wetterau, Upper and Lower Lahngau
Italy Edessa, Maurienne, Savoy
Eastern Europe Polotsk
Duke and Duchess
(Lord, Baron, Earl, Viscount, Seigneur, Marquis)

British Isles Alcester, Audley, Banbury, Bedford, Cambridge, Chester, Clarence, Cobham, Cornwall, Cundy, East Saxony, Essex, Exeter, Hertfordshire, Lancaster, Leicester, Mercia, Norfolk, Northumbria, Oxford, Quincy, Rutland, Somerset, Sudeley, Suffolk, Surrey, Warren (War), Warwick, Wessex, Wise, York;
Atholl (Scotland), Dunbar (Scotland), Mormaer (Scotland), Pembroke (Wales)
France Alsace, Anjou, Bayeux, Bretagne, Brittany, Burgundy, Carlat, Chatellerault, Chateau, Chateaudum, Cheney, Cherginon, Clare, Comminges, Conteville, Corbeil, Crepon, Lattante Larraine, Laval, Loches, Loire, Lorraine, Lower Lotharingia, March, Mechines, Mello, Montminal, Moselle, Narbonne, Normandy, Orleans, Tours (Thouars), Vitre; France, The Franks, The Normans
Spain Besalu (Bezalu), Moncon, Rodes
Germany The Franks, Franconia, Hesbaye, Lower, Lotharingia, Swabia
Italy Austrasia, Ceva (Ceba), Friuli, Ivrea, Savona, Turin, Tuscany, Vasto
Eastern Europe Bavaria, Kiev, Novgorod